hotel in the heart of venice
In the heart of Venice
Hotel Bel Sito is located in the heart of Venice, a stone's throw from St Mark's Square in a truly privileged position, central yet away from the busiest tourist streets.
Experience the warm, friendly atmosphere of an elegant, discreet house packed with charm and history, which has welcomed travellers from around the world since 1920.

The hotel's central location opposite the magnificent Baroque church of Santa Maria del Giglio, and its private landing stage, make this the ideal starting point for visiting the wonders of Venice.
After a busy day among the narrow streets and little squares of the city, you can relax in utter tranquillity in our public spaces, attended by our staff.

You can sip a coffee or your favourite cocktail sitting at one of our outside tables, or go inside to the small but cosy interior courtyard, an oasis of peace and quite after an intensive day of culture and shopping.
In the hotel you can choose between the 18th century charm of the Room of Mirrors or the relaxing Reading Room where you can use our free wifi to catch up with your world, just a click away.
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Bel Sito - Dialogue with art
hotel in the heart of venice

This corner of Campo di Santa Maria di Giglio is a place where culture, beauty and art have always lingered, and continue to do so at the Bel Sito. Here artists gathered in the 1960s and 70s for conversations that ranged from art to current affairs, touching on Venice's political and social issues. One of the leading spirits of this dialogue, which travelled from the lagoon to the entire world, was the painter and poet Virgilio Guidi.

Our hotel was one of Guidi's habitual meeting places. He came here every day as he returned to his atelier. It was his custom to stop for coffee on the terrace of the Bel Sito, and the place soon became his own: friends and pupils gathered around him to converse until late in the evening. They came here too from Gianni De Marco's Galleria Il Traghetto: devoted intellectuals, passionate passers-by and young artists (De Chirico, Licata, Vedova…). All eager to meet the maestro.

Gino Serafini was delighted not only to host these meetings, but also to take part in what, to all effects, was a period when the very history of his city was under construction. So he decided to dedicate a whole room in the hotel to cultural events of a certain level and to turn a building he also owned into an exhibition space.
The cultural discussion at the Bel Sito continued throughout the 60s and 70s and arrived at the present day with the restoration and inauguration of PALAZZO MARIN, an 18th century cultural salon and now a venue for cultural events and elegant private parties.

In our work today we preserve this love of art; inspired by the figure of Isabella Teotochi and in memory of founder Gino Serafini, we passionately advocate the values of interpersonal exchange, hospitality to people from different places and backgrounds, and the desire to always leave our guests free to live every minute of the day in utter harmony with their surroundings.

The Bel Sito is where the gaze is the landing place
of an intimate meeting with the spirits of light,
in the enchanted reflection of the sublimity of Venice.
Gino Serafini

hotel in the heart of venice