Venice Carnival 2019
From February 16th 2019 to March 05th 2019

After the success of the last editions, Marco Maccapani, the artistic director of the Carnival of Venice, will continue to promote the area and its traditions to engage and excite the inhabitants of Venice and not just tourists. Are you ready to take part in the amazing program of Venice Carnival 2019? Take note of the most exciting events and unmissable appointments of this long tradition!

Let's start with the Venice Carnival dates 2019: 18 days of celebrations with masks, fun and famous masquerades… Venice Carnival in February and March will open the doors of the past and show traditions that have been forgotten. From the official opening, on Saturday 16th February, to Shrove Tuesday, its program is preparing to engage and enchant thousands of people!

The massive turnout and number of events of the past editions, with over 120 events, engaged both tourists and the inhabitants of Venice...The Venice Carnival programme 2019 aims to confirm and, why not, exceed the great success of the 2018 edition!

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