from 11 to 28 February

an idea for a new start, a rebirth of Venice's ancient origins. Names of alleys (calli) and small town squares (campi) like “calle del forno”, “ruga dei oresi”, “campiello del remer”, “fondamenta dei vetrai”, “calle dei fuseri” or “frezzaria” are a tribute to the arts and trades, and will be at their best in St. Mark's Square.
Like in a fairy-tale village, with sets organized by La Fenice Opera House, artisans and their mastery recount Venice's unique history.
MUSIC AND THEATREA rich and well-structured programme dedicated to music and theatre. The art of costume and disguise has had a major expression in Venice. Therefore, the 2016 Carnival rediscovers theatre, opera and comedy, not only inside the theatres – but also in the open air at St. Mark's square to be used as a stage, and in the campi and calli. A big performance where the real world and artistic illusion meet, enhancing all the traditions in the arts and trades of Venetian culture.Music will be brought back to the campi, calli, and Venetian canals, transforming everything into a travelling Carnival.
THE CARNIVAL OF CULTUREThe involvement of cultural organizations spreads all over the Venetian territory and on the mainland with a cultural programme: a schedule that has been structured to include the whole period of events connecting city situations, from the Civic Museums at the State Museum centre, including private independent foundations in a precious calendar of events (concerts, conventions, exhibitions, theatrical and cinematographic shows) focusing on the carnival theme, works that testify the culture of arts and trades in Venice; iconographic itineraries centred on the arts even in sacred places; theatrical and comical events; fairy-tales and little theatres for children, to workshops where even they can become protagonists of handicrafts.

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